What we believe

As creative business thinkers we’re very clear on why we get up every morning…. we love ideas.

Which is why we create ideas that create conversations that create change.

We do it because we passionately believe ideas can change the world. It makes us tick, inspires us and connects us with like-minded people that want to spark change.

What we do

Your desire to effect change is the beginning of our conversation.

We use our bespoke tools to guide you through our change process to deliver the ideas we believe will best spark the conversations to achieve your desired change.

We don’t have fixed ideas of how those conversations should happen. They might be through an app or activation, a digital campaign or long form video content… or yes, even with a broad-reaching TV campaign.

It’s all about asking what’s right for the audience and what’s right for the change you want to see.





Stefan has an award winning background as Creative & Strategy Director working in Europe, Asia and Australia. In 2004 Stefan founded mext to help clients build more trust through their brands, experiences, offers and people.

Ideas that changed Stefan’s world:

The idea that everyone talks about the importance of trust, but no one knows how to ‘do’ trust.

Stefan personally creates change by helping various not for profits free of charge with market research, consulting and training.


Brand Development Consultant

Ben’s a communications and business development specialist with more than 15 years’ experience across ANZ and APAC. He seeks out new opportunities for Mr Mumbles to help ambitious clients develop long-term strategies and business plans to penetrate into new markets, maximize growth and achieve business objectives. He can help you build your brand, extend your reach and improve your bottom line.

Ideas that changed Ben’s world:

Working for an entrepreneurial conference business based out of Singapore. I learnt about the mindset of being an entrepreneur; thinking on your feet, learning quickly, working hard and never saying die. Getting results is just part of the journey. Riding this rollercoaster is the best thrill of all.

Ben’s personally creates change by connecting and engaging with people wherever he can. Making people happy and fulfilled by sharing experiences through music when performing live in various bands and helping to produce music in the studio across a range of genres covering everything from house music to pop.




Eryl has held Planning Director positions for global creative, brand and digital agencies and been awarded Effies for effectiveness as well as Re:Brand international branding awards across global clients such as HSBC, Pernod Ricard and Qantas. Eryl’s integrated experience allows her to deliver rigorous strategic thinking in more efficient and dynamic formats as a consultant.

The Idea that changed Eryl’s world:

Not a single idea but a realisation that is only truly learnt over time. That thought and ideas mean nothing without action and the most helpful thing any of us can do it just go for it (whatever you decide ‘it’ is). I also try to live by the quote, ‘do what is right, not what is easy’.

Eryl is personally creating change by developing tools that help people think more strategically as a team around problem solving from professional assignments to mentoring young strategists



Over a decade’s experience in communications has taught Noelle the magic of words and stories, especially when combined with technology and analytics. Melding skills she’s acquired in roles across Singapore and Sydney with her passion for creating positive social change, Noelle’s delivered significant ROI for a number of non-profit and non-governmental organisations. These days, she has a lot of fun demonstrating the power and potential of social media with the team at Mr Mumbles.

Ideas that changed Noelle’s world is realising that stubbornly holding on to her pen and paper was preventing her from harnessing a digital universe.

Noelle is personally creating change by taking every opportunity to talk about the issues and causes that matter to her, using social media as an amplification tool and giving hugs to people who need them.



Creative Partner and Co-founder

Laurie has worked as a copywriter, Creative Group Head and Creative Director for over 20 years in major agencies in Sydney, Melbourne and London. His work has been recognised at D&AD, Cannes, Clios, Effies and every Australian award show.

Idea that changed Laurie’s world:

When Mrs Monsour, my Year 9 English teacher, suggested I should write a play and direct it. I did, we got laughs and applause and I realised I quite like writing stuff.

Laurie is personally creating change by supporting and being actively involved with Fair Go Australia, an organisation that helps young marginalised men and women with access and inclusion to opportunities and a chance to succeed.




Born and bred in London, Marcelle cut her teeth working at some of the world’s most lauded advertising agencies, managing award-winning campaigns for some of the world’s biggest and most recognisable brands. 20 years and three continents later, her professional experience now spans production, digital, content, and social media, reflecting the changing nature of the marketing landscape.

The idea that changed Marcelle’s world:  

At a young age, Marcelle was as taught that belief and hard work are the only barrier to success – apart from that, the sky’s the limit! It’s a concept she embraces daily, not letting dodgy odds dissuade her from chasing her dreams.

Marcelle is personally creating change by playing an active role in neighbourhood groups, and helping to affect positive change in her local community.



Creative Partner and Co-founder

Andrew has worked in multinational and independent agencies in Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Sydney for where he regularly overstepped traditional boundaries into NPD and Creative Business Solutions. His work has been widely acclaimed Creative and Effectiveness awards such as: Cannes, Clio, One Show, D&AD, Award, Adfest, and the Asian Effectiveness Awards.

Idea that changed Andrew’s world:

Andrew entered a painting show when he was 9, came 2nd and won a drawing set. He loved that he could get stuff for doing something he enjoyed but equally was pissed off that he didn’t come 1st.

Andrew is personally creating change by trying to learn, grow and create positive opportunities for change through actively engaging with his family and local community…and of course Mr Mumbles