By Andrew Town posted on August 17, 2016



Australian’s love sport and that’s a good thing. It’s about participation, sport possesses the power to bind communities, enrichen the spirit and make people feel part of something great but somewhere along the way we seem to have lost that. Sport has become about conquest, win at all costs. And the costs can be great.

People are being left behind.

Not just the boy and girls who just want to crack in and have fun only to get excluded from over-zealous parents whose only concern is winning.

$377 million was spent over 4 years trying to chase Gold in Rio while at the same time the razor was being taken to programs designed to help those that need it the most.

There are currently over 100000 Australians without a permanent shelter. Or what of the resources to service the thousands of woman and children who are victims of domestic abuse.

We should support our Olympians but their success or failure needn’t be determined by what colour medal they bring home. Let’s be proud of how they play.

Let’s celebrate the spirit, the endeavour.

And at the same time let’s start the conversation on finding ways to get the sun to shine on all Australians. When we go for bronze we can all win.

If you’d like to extend your support to those working on the front-line please click on one of the charitable organizations below.




Many thanks to Gruen for giving us the opportunity to put this on the radar




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