Bronzed Aussies – Gruen

    A fictitious competitive pitch on ABC’s Gruen to convince Australians that it’s better to win Bronze than Gold Medals at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


    The brief itself seems counter-intuitive; how do you convince a sport-loving nation that understands that sport is about participation, it possesses the power to bind communities, enrichen the spirit and make people feel part of something great. That our sports men and women are heros of our generation…


    Somewhere along the way, have we lost our spirit of the Australian underdogs giving it a red-hot-go, for a win-at-all-costs mentality?

    Australia has spent in excess of $377 million dollars on our Olympic quest since the 2012 London Olympic Games, while at the same time the razor was being taken to programmes designed to help those in our society that need it the most; like homelessness, currently over 100,000 Australians sleep without shelter every night. Gold has its price. Let’s go for Bronze.


    The spot aired on The Pitch segment of Gruen winning with a unanimous vote of the judges. Within only a few days in social media the spot had achieved over 500,000 views, was shared in excess of 8,800 times, had sparked over 460 conversations and had a reach of over 1 ooo ooo on social media outside of Facebook.

    At the end of the season the idea had 642 000 views, 9 500 shares 632 comments.

    The other 17 submissions had 529 500 views combined.