50% Less Sugar 100% Golden Circle Goodness
  • the brief

    Re-launch their 50% Less Sugar product range with new pack sizes and flavours.

  • the challenge

    An iconic brand that Australians love from their childhood, but recently lost its way. Grocery buyers buying less juice because of concerns over the sugar content and even lo-sugar-juice-drink sales were being affected.

    People loved the idea of a low sugar juice, but the brand lacked relevance. For 50% Less Sugar to be trusted by our audience we needed to remind them of their happy memories of the brand.

  • the idea

    Bring to life the history of the brand through demonstrating one woman’s lifelong love Golden Circle The campaign ran nationally across broadcast, OOH, PoS and digital channels.

  • the change

    Within 6 weeks of launch, sales of 50% Less Sugar were up 57% and total Golden Circle sales across the brand increased by 8.5%.