Searching for Zero
  • the brief

    ansarada is a brilliant Australian tech company that creates virtual data rooms for M&A, they asked us to help them connect with their niche B2B audience of CFOS, CEOS and Bankers.

  • the challenge

    Whilst the market leader locally, they are a newcomer in the US and Europe and Asia. The audience is extremely risk averse and everything they do around a deal is about minimising risk and getting the best return.

  • the idea

    ansarada data rooms are designed to simplify the incredibly stressful and time-consuming process of M&A. Everything they do is designed to minimise risk and error – we bought that to life through the thought of Searching for Zero.

  • the change

    Whilst the sales results are commercially in confidence we can say that the launch of the campaign through its sponsorship of the Data Room section of Business Spectator in The Australian online received double the response rates of any previous banner advertising in that channel.