Dr Inkbeer
  • the brief

    Make beer cool again. APB had an 85% market share in the Singapore beer category, but the category was in decline, especially in the youth segment.

  • the challenge

    Create an idea to work across multiple brands. It had to appeal to youth market in a tone and language that was their own, while providing a third party endorsement of the desired values of beer – modern, cool, and intelligent.

  • the idea

    Dr Inkbeer, a renowned scientist and party expert visited Singapore to conduct a social experiment to prove his theory that Sociability & Intelligence are interdependent. The experiment was the world’s first all-media, real-life, real-time, interactive, experiential game/campaign.

  • the change

    The campaign received more than 5 million responses and increased beer sales amongst the target by an average of 22%. It won numerous awards for creativity and effectiveness including Cannes Gold for best use of Media, Silver Direct CRM campaign and four Singapore Hall of Fame Awards.