You need the RSPCA, the RSPCA needs you
  • the brief

    Broaden support for the RSPCA beyond its traditional sponsor demographic of animal lovers.

  • the challenge

    Whilst the RSPCA was one of Australia’s most loved brands it suffered from a relevance issue with the general public. ‘They do a good job at looking after cats, dogs and fluffy rabbits’.

  • the idea

    The campaign youneedtheRSPCA theRSPCAneedsyou highlighted the unexpected programs that the RSPCA ran and how these programs impacted the broader community, giving a new, wider audience reasons to donate.

  • the change

    After 4 months, without the aid of any paid media, the campaign had raised over $1,500,000. It won the coveted Grand Prix at the 2008 APG Creative Planning Awards and was accepted into the prestigious D&AD annual as well as the 2008 AWARD Awards.