Stryker Viewer App
  • the brief

    Create a sales tool for global medical technology company Stryker for their reps to showcase their innovative products and engage with new surgeons.

  • the challenge

    Surgeons are extremely time poor, yet want to see, study and experience implants and devices in detail before committing to new healthcare solutions. Once a surgeon chooses a brand they generally partner with them for their careers, so an engaging and stand out idea was needed.


    The Stryker Viewer Kit, used AR to bring to life devices and implants. Combining a premium brochure and smartphone App, it let surgeons view a range of interactive 3-D models of implants and devices to see how they looked, moved and functioned.


    Soon after launch downloads reached a peak rating of #52 for iPhones and #24 for iPads in from over 29,000 medical apps (consumer and professional) available to the Australian market.